Love Bath – An Evening of Intimate Discovery for Couples – Sat Feb 13th

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Love Bath – An Evening of Intimate Discovery for Couples – Sat Feb 13th

Saturday Feb 13th

Beginning at 6pm

We invite you on a journey of discovery

With your partner

Into the depths of LOVE and CONNECTION



“An exploration of true intimacy”
“An opportunity to discover new depths of love”
“A guided full sensory experience”
“An intentional marrying of an intimate evening concert and sensual couples playshop”

Come experience a fully immersive evening with your partner- designed, curated, and guided by relationship expert Jessica Plancich Shinners and love songstress Krista Richards. This romantic evening is intended to leave ALL of your senses activated as you explore new depths of intimacy in the sensual candle lit pool house at Emerald Village Observatory. This totally enveloping sensory experience will guide you to feel, taste, touch, and listen your way through the evening. You will bathe in soulfully selected love songs, arching between exercises designed to enhance and support true intimacy, amidst four delicious high vibe courses and aphrodisiac elixirs. Our perfectly heated pool and cozy love nests will allow you to connect with your partner throughout the evening and foster greater levels of trust, surrender and expansive love.


What to bring:
– Non-breakable water bottle and toasting chalice
– Cozy cushions, blankets, & pillows
– Swim attire (optional) & towel
– Warm, cozy clothes (it’s chilly outside!)
– Any other delights that you’d like to share with your partner
– Your most receptive and authentic self

*The pool experience will be clothing optional
**Though we plan to share some aphrodisiac elixirs, please do not bring your own alcohol, we want to keep this a heightened, clear experience
***This is a sensual, non-sexual experience intended to foster intimacy for couples
****This is a PRIVATE community event

$169 per couple
Early kitty discount: the first 10 couples get it at $129

– For those of you coming from out of town and looking for a local place to stay,
may we suggest: La Quinta, Vista

~This highly intimate experience is limited to 20-25 couples.
Get your tickets early to secure your spot~

Passionate about life and love, singer/songwriter Krista Richards empowers her songs and lyrics with an infectious zeal for the music she creates, and the connection it allows her with people everywhere. Writing and singing from such a deep place of compassion and love; her smooth, sexy voice, electrifying presence and connection with her audience makes Krista one of the most passionate and evocative vocalists in the industry.

As a Marriage & Family Therapist, Jessica has guided couples for over 15 years to overcome barriers and deepen the practice of love. She fuses Eastern and Western philosophies, heart and mind and a playfully practical approach that invites deep truth and surrender. jessicaplancichshinners


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New Music Out NOW “Love Right Here” twenty feet down featuring Krista Richards

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New Music Out NOW “Love Right Here” twenty feet down featuring Krista Richards

“Love Right Here” twenty feet down featuring Krista Richards


Released TODAY on No Definition Records!
And help us reach the top of the Dance Charts!!


For my brand new release LOVE RIGHT HERE I’ve teamed up Swiss based act TWENTY FEET DOWN on NO DEFINITION RECORDS. The project has made quite a bit of noise in the current music scene with their distinctive productions and epic arrangements.

Together we’ve created this uplifting nu-disco record that combines also modern house and future house elements.

The groovy remix comes from upcoming Egypt duo OMR & ADRY. These guys came up with a hot club interpretation pointing out the funky side of the track by adding crispy synth stabs, rockin’ guitar riffs, and spicy beat elements.



Every SINGLE download helps us reach the
TOP OF THE CHARTS!Thank you for your support!

I truly hope you enjoy this new song!  If you like it, please help me spread the word by SHARING on your Social Networks!  I’m so GRATEFUL for YOU!

Thank you for your LOVE and SUPPORT!
Stay tuned…
Keep your vibrations high…
And know that I’m sending you love through the sound waves…


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The Fours Project

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The Fours Project

A year ago I embarked

on a journey of LOVE…

through MUSIC…

I set out to create a series

that would each touch

on a different aspect

of the human experience of LOVE

“Passion” is the first in a series of four EPs (“extended play” a set of songs greater than a single but less than a full length album).

I chose “Passion”, because it is such a compelling human emotion and is the source of so much expression… we begin this human experience with passion – our very existence is sourced from our parent’s passion for one another!  And… hopefully, it is the spark that begins our journey of LOVE.

My intention is to invite you to take this journey with me.  To really feel into each aspect of love represented in each song.  To search your heart and soul and uncover the mysteries and emotions that may be hidden there.  To heal, and restore that which requires it.  And ultimately to set yourself free, to love without hindrance, with a purity that only comes through the refiners fire.

Each release will have three original songs, one original spoken word piece, and one original song featuring my partner in rhyme Kiyoshi Shelton, who is a phenomenal conscious hip-hop artist – for a total of 5 tracks.  Each one will also feature a visionary artist for the cover art.

The Four Project EPs:

Passion” EP (released May 9th 2014 through the support of friends and fans through crowd-sourcing) – explores the human experience of love and desire. It celebrates those precious moments of joy, romance, and the powerful reflection of the other.  Passion features visionary art by Jesse NoeMind.  I had the support of some really talented people.  Musical contributions and features: DTO, Kiyoshi Shelton, Domonic Estes, Christine Cyr, Boolean, Steve Russell, Nathan Richards, and Grammy nominated Sten Hallstrom aka Stonebridge.  Production engineering and mastering: DTO, Makii, & Antonio Aguilera & Alan Guzman @ Studio 47.

Download “Passion” HERE

krista-cover-passion-final medium

Broken” EP (currently in production) – highlights our experience of loss in love and the shadow emotions that accompany heartache, along with the hope we ignite in it’s wake.

Dream” EP (TBD) – reveals our amazing ability for rebirth and to rediscover and invent for ourselves what love truly is – is it a fantasy? Is it real? Made up? Divine? We choose.

…and lastly

Awake” EP  (TBD) – blasts our heart and soul open to the awareness of our Oneness and the LOVE that we posses and embody at the core level – totally whole and complete within ourselves with the infinite capacity to love others from this space. :)

It’s been almost a year since the first EP was released.  We had hoped to generate enough funds with the crowd-sourcing campaign to record all four EPs, but we only had enough for one.  So, I’ve been touring and generating income on my own in order to keep the journey flowing.  Now, I’m prepared to release the second EP in the series.

With a recent heartbreak of my own, it seems fitting to pour my heart and soul into creating the next EP in The Fours Project series, “Broken”.  Many of you have already begun this journey with me and listen to “Passion” regularly.  I hope you will continue with me as we dive into the shadow and feel the emotions around loss and heartache.

Thank you for staying connected with me and helping me share my music.

Stay tuned…

Keep your vibrations high…
And know that I’m sending you love through the sound waves…


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Krista Richards and Kiyoshi in San Diego on 12/13/15

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Custom Songs – An Exclusive Offer for Fans & Supporters

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Custom Songs – An Exclusive Offer for Fans & Supporters

Have you always wanted your very own song?  Maybe there’s a special person in your life that you’d like to give the gift of a song – just for them, or a song representing your shared love.   Or perhaps there’s a special occasion coming up that you’d like to make EXTRA special with a song written just for the occasion – a wedding, an anniversary, a proposal….

I have created a little space in my calendar to take on a handful of select custom songwriting clients.  I can only take one or two at a time so that I can provide the highest quality song, so this is a VERY exclusive offer.

It is NOT for everyone.

Songwriting requires a lot of time, energy, creativity, and money (to record).

Having your own custom song is like getting a star named after someone.  Not everyone has the extra money or even the desire to have a star named after someone.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12.39.34 PM

If you’re that person who gets excited about the possibility of having your very own custom song, written just for you and or your special someone or special event…. and you’re ready to talk about making that a reality.

Please contact me HERE and we can set up a time to discuss YOUR SONG!

“Sending you LOVE through the sound-waves”


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Krista Richards in La Jolla Indian Reservation (San Diego County) on 10/16/15

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An Intimate Evening Concert with Krista Richards & Jess Magic at The Castle Oct 24th 2015

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An Intimate Evening Concert with Krista Richards & Jess Magic at The Castle Oct 24th 2015

Join us for An Intimate Evening

With Krista Richards & Jess Magic

 Dive into the sweet soulful sounds…

Up close and personal…

Under the Stars at

The Castle, Hollywood Hills CA

Saturday October 24th from 6:30p to 10:30p


“Hold onto your heart chakras!!”
Krista & Jess will individually and collectively take you on a journey of the soul as they share their hearts with you through song. They will be joined by some very talented musicians: Domonic Estes (guitar), and Will Henshall (guitar), as well as Jeremey Weinglass. These evenings are always a deeply intimate and powerful experience, not to be missed. This is the most unique live music experience and private dinner concert in Southern California. One of the top places to take a date in Los Angeles; come solo or with friends and meet amazing people.

Jeremy Weinglass will be opening up the evening with his skillful piano playing, arrive on time! You don’t want to miss him!!!

Watch this video showcasing Krista Richards’ performance of “Hallelujah” from from the last “Intimate Evening Concert”:

Krista Castle Poster low res

Attendance is very limited, so you must pre-register to reserve your space.

Tickets are $69 and include gourmet dinner, signature cocktail, dessert and a night you will remember fondly forever. $59 EARLY BIRD TICKETS until Sunday before the event or until they sell out.

EventBrite Button
Thank you to our lovely hosts at The Alchemy!!


Please bring a pillow for comfortable seating. Also, do keep in mind that this event is being held partially outdoors in the evening in October. While we anticipate beautiful weather, do bring a jacket (just in case), blanket, and/or other snugly items and prepare to get cozy!
Arrive on time to enjoy delicious dinner and tantalizing beverages prepared by the talented and highly seasoned Chef James Montejano executive chef at La Valencia hotel in La Jolla.

(Organic, Local, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Veg Friendly)
Aug 22-3
“I’m honored to be bringing the ‘Intimate Evening’ concert to The Alchemy Castle! This is a beautiful private residence in Hollywood Hills, California with a secluded lush backyard that overlooks the lights of Hollywood below. It’s absolutely perfect for this truly intimate experience; you’re in for a real treat. As always, I’m looking forward to sharing my heart and soul with each one of you through song. Your presence warms my heart and brings me joy. I love you.” ~ Krista Richards


BW silver1


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Krista Richards in Vista on 10/10/15

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Krista Richards in Encinitas on 11/08/15

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