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Announcing “Broken” EP Release Date June 18th


Well, not really…

but I AM about to GIVE BIRTH!

My new EP “Broken”

is arriving on the scene

June 18th!!!

I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into this project and I’m THRILLED to finally share these songs with the world!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.33.56 PM

Pre-Order YOUR COPY Here thru BandCamp:


Watch this teaser video here:

“Broken” is the second EP in this 4 part series on LOVE…

It’s a follow up to Krista’s debut EP “Passion” released May 9th, 2014.

“Passion” explores the human experience of love and desire. It celebrates those precious moments of joy, romance, and the powerful reflection of the other.

“Broken” highlights our experience of loss in love and the shadow emotions that accompany heartache, along with the hope we ignite in it’s wake.

With the first track on the album titled “Song for Love” Krista’s deep and soulful voice beckons us to feel into our pain around love, and to not lose hope.  Then with “Just This” she invites us to celebrate the present moment, choose LOVE, and stand for something deeper.

“Realness of Love” sets us spinning with a very raw and vulnerable cry for true and meaningful connection, maybe even beyond what we’ve ever experienced or thought was possible.  Then “Sick in the Head” gets bold and sassy, declaring “I gotta stand up, and get over you…” – stepping courageously into the letting go, and trusting that when it’s time to say goodbye, there’s something on the other side waiting for us.

Krista end caps this journey through the shadow with an introspective look at her own process around heartache, noting “we’ve each played our part, on either side of a broken heart.” in a spoken word titled “What Justice”.  Here she boldly declares her insight that the love she’s received is directly correlate to the value she’s been holding for herself, and then sets out to create a new future from a place of truly loving herself…. leaving the listeners heart beating with hers in tandem, wondering…. “perhaps I can find the courage to do the same…”

Consider this YOUR invitation to embark on this journey through LOVE …really feel into each aspect of love represented in each song.  To search your heart and soul and uncover the mysteries and emotions that may be hidden there.  To heal, and restore that which requires it.  And ultimately to set yourself free, to love without hindrance, with a purity that only comes through the refiners fire.

Join us for the EP Release Party here in San Diego on June 18th!!

Thank you for your LOVE and SUPPORT!

I’m sending you LOVE through the sound-waves!


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