Krista’s distinctive blend of entertainer, gifted songwriter and immense vocal talent enables her to pour an enormous amount of soul into each of her performances.


“Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel.” Buffy Sainte-Marie


Passionate about life and love, singer/songwriter Krista Richards empowers her songs and lyrics with an unmistakable and infectious zeal for not only the music she creates, but for the connection the music allows her with people everywhere. Writing and singing from such a deep place of compassion and love has won Krista a wide and loyal fan base and captured the attention of DJs and producers worldwide.

Her smooth, sexy voice, electrifying presence and amazing connection with her audience makes Krista one of the most passionate and evocative vocalists in the industry.

Breaking onto the Electronic Dance Music scene in 1999, Krista partnered with her brother, Nathan Richards, writing, producing and performing LIVE as äion (pronounced “a-on”).  They chose the name from Carl Jung’s work related to the phenomenon of the self, or the process of becoming distinct or individual in nature.  The pair certainly were unique and they soon enjoyed international success with their roots firmly planted in San Diego.

Krista and her brother have such an unending excitement and passion for the act of giving birth to the energy of each song and enjoy writing together so much that although they live on opposite coasts they meet several times a year for song writing sessions.

After a hiatus from the limelight, Krista dropped back on the scene with her much loved dance track “Tonight”, remixed by Swedish House Music legend, Stonebridge, and took on Miami Music Week in March of 2011,  performing live with Stonebridge at Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Beach @ Nikky Beach.  Her 2012 summer smash “Love Me”, with Chris Kaeser & StoneBridge on Hed Kandi, is still a crowd favorite; recenty, Krista had the pleasure of performing “Tomorrowland“, also on Hed Kandi, to the very people that inspired it in Tokyo, Japan, at Sound Museum Vision.  Krista’s songs have been featured on over 30 compilations including EDX NoXcuses The Violet Addition, several Hed Kandi albums, Armada House 2011 The Ibiza Edition, and many more. Krista’s next single with S69Can’t Quit”, out March 25th, 2013 on Stoney Boy Music, is already making waves with support from EDX, Johnny D, Chris Sammarco, and more. “Daniel Beasley delivers big with his mix! Great overall package of mixes but, Krista’s fantastic voice makes this package.”, said Sammarco.

“I simply want to do what I’m best at, what I love, and continue to express myself, and connect with others through song,” Richards said. “It’s my experience that when we do that, when we live into our truth, and into our greatness, everything flows, and we are exactly where we are supposed to be.”

Currently working on some exciting new collaborations with Stonebridge and several other world-renowned names, it is clear that Krista Richards is a voice with staying power.


Krista is one of the best singers I’ve ever worked with. Definitely one of the first that can record a perfect vocal and then perform it as well live.

Krista Richards is a very talented vocalist and songwriter that I suspect we will see much more off. It was a pleasure remixing “Tonight”.
Matt Joko

We knew it from the first moment we heard Krista sing on Astroshift’s single “Tonight”, this beautiful woman sings with true heart and soul. And we were right. What positivity and musical love we got back from her, amazing. So many more musical collaborations to come!

The beauty of Krista Richards is not nearly just skin deep, it permeates her entire being. Whether you’re enraptured by her sultry, melodic voice, mesmerized by her hypnotic stage presence, or caught up in her heart-felt lyrics, there’s no denying her true appeal comes from deep within…

I absolutely love Krista’s voice and lyrics, she is magical!
DJ Diamond

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, ALWAYS!!!! Krista Richards is by far my favorite vocalist & lyricist!
DJ Frances

Our favorite singer: Krista Richards, Your voice is amazing!!! Love working with it!
AD Tag Team