Krista Richards in Vista on 02/17/18

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A Musical Mother’s Day Gift – “Melt”

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“Melt” A song for mom
And an opportunity to show love
To young girls in need


This song “Melt” was inspired by my sweet mother.  I’ve learned so much from my mom; and one of the most important things I’ve learned from her was how to help those in need.  She was always opening her heart and our home to people that needed a place to stay, or a warm meal.  I remember being inspired when she would let me help her bring lunch outside to our gardeners each day when they were working on our yard… and then send them home (back to Mexico) with bags full of hand-me-down clothing for their families.

After my dad died when I was 5 years old, she started a support group for widows and widowers called “Friends in Common” and in the midst of her own grief, she created a space for others like her to come together and heal their hearts.

All my life she volunteered and served at whatever church we were part of, consistently showing up with devotion and so much love.

Since visiting Africa when my older brother was a baby, she always had a soft place in her heart for the people there.  So, after all her 5 children were grown and out of the house, she moved to Africa to serve and devote her life to bringing hope to the hopeless.

She spent 6 years there and eventually established a cafe called “Garden Cafe”, where young men and women who could not afford to stay in school could learn a trade.  Through her program there they learn many skills, including waiting tables, cash register, and cooking.  At the end of the program they get help with their resumes and help securing jobs in the city.

So many lives have been touched, healed, and transformed by the generosity and love of my mother, Catherine Petersen-Duran.

Today, on Mothers Day, I honor her the best way I know how… by sharing this song that I wrote for her and inviting you to support a cause that is near to my heart, International Network of Hearts.











You can download the song here for free as my gift to you.


Donate any amount of your choosing to support the rescuing of young girls from sex trafficking and sexual violence.  


100% of your donations go to International Network of Hearts.  



These girls cannot show there faces on camera because they are in hiding from their perpetrators.

Our Mission
To restore the lives of survivors of human trafficking and sexual violence, and prevent commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor through increased awareness, training, advocacy and collaboration at an interdisciplinary and international level.

Our Vision
A world where women and children are valued, protected from violence and exploitation and their human rights are defended.



These young girls need a mothers love more than anyone I can think of.

Thank you for listening and watching this video honoring all mothers.   I hope you’ll partner with me in supporting this very important cause and bring hope to these tender hearts.

Please SHARE and POST the link to my video below and help get this message out.

I love you!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers!

Sending you LOVE through the sound-waves…






INH small flyer (1)


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Krista Richards in Vista on 02/11/17

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