4s Project – IndieGoGo – My first SOLO release!

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Hi! I’m Krista Richards.  I’m a vocalist and a songwriter.  Thank you for taking the time to consider partnering with me on the 4s Project.  Two and half years ago I quit my day job in finance to focus on music full time. Since then I’ve been collaborating with various producers and other artists, and I’ve released 6 singles. My mission is to share my heart and soul through music such that it inspires others to feel, express, and love deeply, and that everyone gets the infinite possibilities that are available for all.


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The 4s project will actually be my very first solo release… it’s a HUGE endeavor and I’m ridiculously excited!  There will be 4 EPs, one released every quarter, Each with 4 songs on it – they will all have a different theme: Passion, Broken, Dream, and Awake. One single from each, will have a music video, and a remix package with 4 mixes.  We’ll also be releasing an acoustic version of one of the songs.  We have an amazing visionary artist that will be creating powerful images within the theme of 4s.

Here’s a demo of one of the songs that will be on the first EP “Passion”:
“All the Love in the World”
[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/40614830″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

What We Need & What You Get

We need funds for…

Recording/Production for the music (16 originals, 4 acoustic songs, 4 remix packages – mixes): studio time, compensation for engineers, producers, and mastering.

Physical CD pressing/Packaging

Music video production (4 music videos): filming, set, crew, costuming, and editing.

Artwork (visual art for each EP, acoustic songs, remixes, and the full project): compensation for visionary artist, and physical printing.

Marketing and Promotion

Your contribution will still go towards all these things even if we don’t meet our goal.. and if we exceed our goal (which I’m really intending that we do), it just means we’ll be able to put more into making this project as EPIC as possible and also the additional funds will help us reach a much wider audience through marketing and promotion… and more peeps will feel the LOVE!

We’ve got some really fun perks and benefits available for all levels of partnership starting at only 4 dollars; from digital downloads, signed physical CDs, art prints, and T-shirts… to voice lessons, singing telegrams, a picnic with Krista, and private concerts!

The Impact

I infuse every note and every word of my songs with LOVE – and my hope is that it’s felt by the listener.  My intention is that the love be so overwhelming that after people hear my music they are overflowing with love and it spreads throughout the world.  Various messages of love, connection, empowerment, joy, transformation, and inspiration are represented in each song and through the music videos.  With your help we will keep these messages flowing far and wide – uplifting humanity with song, dance, and visual art.

4% of the money raised in this Campaign will go directly to the Andrew Dougherty Vision Foundation.

A charitable, non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in the United States and around the world, mainly in war-torn and disaster struck areas, by providing pro bono vision correction surgeries to those in need. The organization also provides local surgeons in those areas with training in the most up-to-date cataract and refractive surgery techniques so they may carry on the organization’s mission.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can only donate a small amount or nothing at all, you can still help us reach our goal:

SHARE this campaign on all your social media sites using the share tools (share often and add a personal message about why you believe in this project and me!)


Envision/Pray/Manifest – take some time to envision the success of this project, call it in and powerfully, hold the space for us to exceed our goal and get these songs/videos out there in the world and heard by the masses.


Thank you for your love and support.  I truly could not make this dream a reality without your help.  I am eternally grateful for your partnership on this amazing journey… The 4s Project for me is the beginning of my full expression through music, and it’s such a sweet experience to get to have a group of individuals working with me to bring it to life, rather than some big record label.  This just feels right… you plus me equals AWESOME SAUCE!  Let’s do this!

Support 4s Project

Stay tuned…
Keep your vibrations high…

Sending you love through the sound waves… <3


Super Woman BM 2013 AD Shot

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Burning Man Bliss

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I’ve been back to whatever semblance of normalcy my life ever has for the last couple of weeks.  I’m still dreaming of riding art cars, hula hoops, and all sorts of shenanigans with my dearest loves out on what we burners lovingly refer to as “The Playa”.  Everyone has been saying this year was the best “Burn” ever! I say that every year.  Each year is another opportunity to express ones-self, another chance to meet amazing individuals with a shared purpose (LOVE), another week full of music (mostly Electronic Dance Music), dancing, fire spinning, connectedness, and another opportunity to raise our vibrations, uniting as One.  One voice, one, heart, one soul, working for the highest and greatest good of ALL.  Am I saying that every single person that attends Burning Man is enlightened and perfect?  Of course not!  We are all on this journey together, at different points along the way.  Though, I will say, that in Black Rock City, you’re more likely to hear the words “I love you” from a stranger than in any other city I’ve ever been in.  The city is diverse, full of people from various backgrounds, lifestyles, and interests.  You might be surprised to find out your dentist attends Burning Man!  About half way through the week I took note and mentioned to one of my friends that amidst all the diversity the thing we all seem to have in common out here is LOVE.  Love… the strongest vibration we can share is so abundant at Burning Man, its no wonder so many of us travel back “home” year after year.


You may already know that Black Rock City engages in a gifting economy.  Many people confuse it with a barter system, and that’s not the case.  At Burning Man, everyone comes with something to give and expects nothing in return, from the largest art installation, to the guy with the T-Shirt that says “I give FREE hugs” and everything in between.  We give for the joy of giving!  Often giving to complete strangers and never seeing or hearing from them after.  Tears fall as I reflect on the many gifts I’ve received and all those I have given.


This year I went with the intention of singing to individuals or groups out on The Playa.  I sang acknowledgments and affirmations to friends and strangers alike.  I saw the light in their eyes as I shared with them through song who they are to me, and what I see in them.  One night out on the playa I gave two young burners their “Playa Names”.  Many of us go by a different name out on the playa, and it being their first burn they did not have their names yet.  So I named them Juli-Nature and Reflection.  Afterwards, I sang their names into a song… we embraced, shared loving words and parted ways out on the deep playa.


I had the honor of singing with Mark Zabala (Nija Skillz DJ) at Transmorphagon with Sarah Cranberry of Danyavaad on violin one morning during sunrise, right off the Esplanade.  What a magical morning!  Thank you all for opening the stage for me to sing and share from my heart and soul!


Saturday morning, at my favorite sexy chill spot: Kundalini Lounge, I sang with much loved DJ Scott Scotty Boy.  In a room full of our dearest friends, eyes shining, hearts glowing with an abundance of love and gratitude, Scotty dropped the perfect beats and I flowed with song that seemed to be channeled straight from the divine!  Thank you Scotty for giving me such a powerful gift and allowing me to share that enchanting morning with you!


Later that day we rolled out to deep playa to the Robot Heart art car with the vast majority of our soul family and danced and hooped to Lee Burridge till they turned off the sound system!  This was my favorite day by far.  Blissed out with some of my dearest loves, a family photo shoot with our Kiwi Tails, great music, the open air in the sunshine on The Playa…. What’s not the love?


I’m posting a few pictures that my wonderful friend Aaron Dressin took with his amazing heart light.  This was his gift to everyone in the city.  One night, he set up the light, and anyone that stopped by got his or her portrait taken.  His talent is unparalleled!  Somehow he is able to capture the essence of the soul inside his subject’s eyes.  He took most of the images on my site as well.  Thank you Aaron for being such a bad ass and sharing your creative heart and soul with us all!


Burning Man may be over; still the lessons and the energy of that event are taken with us out into the world.  Our hope?  Simply… to change the world.

Shown in the image of the four goddesses, my sweet soul siStars (from left to right): Jennifer Quest of Charmed Life Entertainment, myself, Kristen Lalumiere, and Susanne Nielsen of Fanciful Feathers


Krista Richards and Jennifer Quest (Stardust)


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