Chris Kaeser, StoneBridge, and Krista Richards “Love Me” out on Hed Kandi July 16th

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I’m very excited to announce the official release date of my latest song “Love Me” with Chris Kaeser and StoneBridge.

“Love Me” will be released on Beatport with Hed Kandi on July 16th!!  We will soon be announcing some stellar remixes as well.

Listen here and leave your comments:

Download your favorite mixes here on Beatport as of July 16th!

Stay tuned, and keep your vibrations HIGH!

Sending you love through the sound waves…

Krista ♥

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From Epic Power Outage to Epic Song Writing Session with StoneBridge

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From the moment my dear friend, music collaborator, and producer StoneBridge set foot on California soil it was epic!  I’ll start at the very beginning of this adventure.  And I do mean, adventure

My brother Nathan and I left the house around 3:30pm one Thursday afternoon to pick Stoney up from the airport.  Once we got off the freeway we noticed the traffic lights were out.  I turned to Nathan and said something like, “Great, what a perfect time for these lights to go out, rush hour”.  We had no idea that the traffic light was only the tip of the ice-burg!  It took us another 20 minutes or more just to get to the airport, which would have only taken five minutes under normal circumstances.  Upon arriving at the terminal, we heard through texts and radio that this outage hit all of San Diego County, Baja California, part of Arizona and other areas, affecting around 5 million people!  We had to circle around a bit before Stoney came out laughing.  They had him and the other passengers leave the plane from the emergency exits!

He climbed in the car in typical StoneBridge style.  Ready for anything, going with the flow, and getting a kick out of the world around him.  I have to say that his mood was exactly what we needed to keep us lively for the next several hours as we slowly made our way home.

Did I say S…L…O…W…L…Y……..????

We immediately realized that the car was low on gas, very low.  The fuel range stated zero miles left.  Zero??  I tried not to panic.  Everything is going to be fine.  We turned off the AC to conserve gas.  It happened to be a very hot day, but we were willing to sweat a little in order to avoid running out of gas.  All the gas stations rely on electricity at the pumps, so running out of gas was the last thing we wanted to happen. We were listening to the radio for any solution to this or any gas station that may be running with a back up generator and it didn’t sound hopeful.

So, I kept driving, inching along really, while I prayed under my breath for the gas in our tank to multiply and get us home.  Let’s just say that the usual 25 minute drive home from the airport took nearly two and a half hours!  When we finally rolled into my driveway, we were erupting with excitement since we were fully prepared to call for help if the gas ran out and we were stranded on the side of the road somewhere.

We had planned to go out to dinner with our friends Angela Anderson, and Josh Coccellato (aka DJ Adrenal) after the airport pick up.  However, with the power out all over town, there were no restaurants serving.  So, like any good hostess, I prepared dinner by candlelight!  Angela and Josh arrived around the same time we did and brought a supply of chips, avocados, veggie burgers, and wine.  We ended up having the most fabulous night, eating, drinking, sharing, and laughing.  When the power came back on around midnight, we were all a bit bummed actually.  Something about the dim light, and the closeness that naturally unfolds in a situation like we were in, made getting the power back seem like a thief sent to rob us of something valuable.  I love how often times we learn wonderful lessons in the midst of crisis.

After the peeps went home and we cleaned up a bit, I was off to get a good night’s sleep since the next day we were getting into the studio to make some music!

Nathan and I have been working with StoneBridge ever since his stellar remix of our track “Tonight” with AstroShift.  Since then, he’s sent us some tracks to write to, we lay the melody and lyrics down, cut a vocal and send it back.  This was the first time the three of us sat in a room together and built a track from the ground up.

Photo By: Aaron Dressin at

All I have to say is “WOW”!  Our creative energies were flowing and we were totally in sync!  We had an amazing song written, structured, with lyrics/melody, and ready to record scratch vocals in about 2 hours!  Plus, in my personal opinion, it’s one of the best songs we’ve ever written!  I’m so excited to see where we take it.  I know there will be many more magical collaborations in the future!   I feel like we’re totally in the zone and I’m excited to share our musical creations with the world!

I always knew I was blessed to have the support and musical partnership with my extremely talented brother and songwriting partner Nathan Richards.  Now with StoneBridge in my corner things just got even better!  I have so much gratitude for these two wonderful men!

Thank you ALL for being on this amazing journey with me!

Stay tuned and keep your vibrations high!!

Love, Light, and an abundance of Gratitude…

Krista <3

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Astroshift ft. Krista Richards – “Tonight” Released on iTunes TODAY!

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I’m very excited to announce the release of the track “Tonight” by Astroshift ft. Krista Richards on iTunes!

  • Please download All 11 mixes, including mixes by Stonebridge, Chris Kaeser and Matt Joko by clicking HERETODAY for only $5.99.
  • To only download the radio version of the original track and three mixes by Stonebridge, S69 and AD Tag Team are available HERE for $1.99.
  • You can also go to either link and chose to download songs individually for $.99.I am so grateful for your support, it really makes a huge difference!Create an amazing day.
    Keep your vibrations high.
    Love, Light and an Abundance of Gratitude,
    Krista Richards <3
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The Track “Tonight” Has Been Released!

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After much anticipation, the track “Tonight” by Astroshift was finally released last month. We have been working hard to keep the original mixes climbing the charts and now working to boost the second wave of mixes as high up the charts as we can as well! Please take a second to log onto Beatport and download these tracks. Below you can find links to the two different packages.

On June 3rd the original track “Tonight” by Astroshift was released on Beatport along with mixes by Stonebridge and S69. To download any of these mixes or the whole package CLICK HERE.

A few weeks later, on June 22nd, another package of mixes was released including those by Chris Kaeser, Matt Joko, and AD Tag Team. To download any of these mixes or the whole package CLICK HERE.

We have been climbing the charts with both packages. The mix by Stonebridge made it into the top 50 in no time!

Please got to and download the packages, or even just your favorite version of “Tonight”, anything helps!

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Chris Kaeser’s Mix of “Tonight” is Climbing the Charts!

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Hey everybody!

Last we checked we’re at #55 on the Beatport Progressive Chart with AstroShift “Tonight” recently out on Stoney Boy Music! All the mixes are doing really well, especially Chris Kaeser’s killer dance floor mix!

Check out this new teaser video highlighting this mix!!

Thank you for your support! We’ve seen amazing success with this track in a short amount of time, thanks to YOU!

If you haven’t downloaded the track yet, please do so by clicking HERE to go directly to Beatport! In addition to Chris Kaeser’s mix, there are two incredible mixes by Matt Joko, and one by AD Tag Team that really make my heart smile. We’re so honored to have such talented producers making magic with our track.

Sending you love through the sound-waves…

Love, Light and an Abundance of Gratitude ~ Krista

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