JAXX DA FISHWORKS & Krista Richards “Tomorrowland” OUT NOW on Hed Kandi!

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Today I present…. JAXX DA FISHWORKS & Krista Richards “Tomorrowland” on Hed Kandi!

I’m very excited about this song because it carries a message of inspiration for the world.  It was inspired by the 2011 tsunami in Japan and speaks to everyone, everywhere as we live during times where natural and unnatural disasters seem almost commonplace.

In the US we can still feel the heartache of the tragedies of 9/11, hurricanes Katrina & Irene, the recent Aurora shooting during The Dark Knight Rises, and many more.

In the song lyrics we say, “The turning point…Is drawing near…A call to love…Rings loud and clear…Listen closely, feel it in your soul…When we come together, we can be to-mor-row…”

In the midst of tragedy and destruction, humanity has a choice.  We can choose to be divided by race, color, culture, religion, and geography; or we can unite our hearts and minds as one human race.  We can choose to rebuild from the ashes something new, something better, a tomorrow we can be proud to pass onto our children, a tomorrow born from our grief and filled with hope, unity, and love.

Please support us, and this message by logging in and downloading your favorite mixes of “Tomorrowland” TODAY!

Available Mixes:

Original Mix
Deep Mix
MC Flipside Remix
Extended Radio Version

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD “Tomorrowland” on Beatport!

Thank you for your support, you really make a huge difference!

Stay tuned, and keep your vibrations HIGH!

Sending you love through the sound waves…



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Chris Kaeser, StoneBridge, and Krista Richards “Love Me” out on Hed Kandi July 16th

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I’m very excited to announce the official release date of my latest song “Love Me” with Chris Kaeser and StoneBridge.

“Love Me” will be released on Beatport with Hed Kandi on July 16th!!  We will soon be announcing some stellar remixes as well.

Listen here and leave your comments:

Download your favorite mixes here on Beatport as of July 16th!

Stay tuned, and keep your vibrations HIGH!

Sending you love through the sound waves…

Krista ♥

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Chris Kaeser’s Mix of “Tonight” is Climbing the Charts!

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Hey everybody!

Last we checked we’re at #55 on the Beatport Progressive Chart with AstroShift “Tonight” recently out on Stoney Boy Music! All the mixes are doing really well, especially Chris Kaeser’s killer dance floor mix!

Check out this new teaser video highlighting this mix!!

Thank you for your support! We’ve seen amazing success with this track in a short amount of time, thanks to YOU!

If you haven’t downloaded the track yet, please do so by clicking HERE to go directly to Beatport! In addition to Chris Kaeser’s mix, there are two incredible mixes by Matt Joko, and one by AD Tag Team that really make my heart smile. We’re so honored to have such talented producers making magic with our track.

Sending you love through the sound-waves…

Love, Light and an Abundance of Gratitude ~ Krista

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Krista Richards’ Video Blog June 24th, 2011 – Release of four new mixes of “Tonight”!

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Announcing the release of four new mixes of the track “Tonight”! Also a special thanks to my family, friends, and all of my supporters. I love you all!

Please go to BeatPort and download them all!

Love, Light, and an abundance of Gratitude ~ Krista

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Today is the release of my latest track – “Tonight”

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Today June 3rd is the release date of my latest track – “Tonight” AstroShift featuring Krista Richards – StoneBridge mix!!

Please go to http://beatport.com/s/t8apLt to download the track.    There are also additional mixes by house music legend StoneBridge and S69 available.

Please SHARE this post in order to get this track Number #1 on Beatport.

Please read the following review on the upcoming release.   http://www.1mix.co.uk/reviews/551-astroshift-tonight

Love, Light and an abundance of Gratitude ~ Krista

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