The Fours Project

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A year ago I embarked

on a journey of LOVE…

through MUSIC…

I set out to create a series

that would each touch

on a different aspect

of the human experience of LOVE

“Passion” is the first in a series of four EPs (“extended play” a set of songs greater than a single but less than a full length album).

I chose “Passion”, because it is such a compelling human emotion and is the source of so much expression… we begin this human experience with passion – our very existence is sourced from our parent’s passion for one another!  And… hopefully, it is the spark that begins our journey of LOVE.

My intention is to invite you to take this journey with me.  To really feel into each aspect of love represented in each song.  To search your heart and soul and uncover the mysteries and emotions that may be hidden there.  To heal, and restore that which requires it.  And ultimately to set yourself free, to love without hindrance, with a purity that only comes through the refiners fire.

Each release will have three original songs, one original spoken word piece, and one original song featuring my partner in rhyme Kiyoshi Shelton, who is a phenomenal conscious hip-hop artist – for a total of 5 tracks.  Each one will also feature a visionary artist for the cover art.

The Four Project EPs:

Passion” EP (released May 9th 2014 through the support of friends and fans through crowd-sourcing) – explores the human experience of love and desire. It celebrates those precious moments of joy, romance, and the powerful reflection of the other.  Passion features visionary art by Jesse NoeMind.  I had the support of some really talented people.  Musical contributions and features: DTO, Kiyoshi Shelton, Domonic Estes, Christine Cyr, Boolean, Steve Russell, Nathan Richards, and Grammy nominated Sten Hallstrom aka Stonebridge.  Production engineering and mastering: DTO, Makii, & Antonio Aguilera & Alan Guzman @ Studio 47.

Download “Passion” HERE

krista-cover-passion-final medium

Broken” EP (currently in production) – highlights our experience of loss in love and the shadow emotions that accompany heartache, along with the hope we ignite in it’s wake.

Dream” EP (TBD) – reveals our amazing ability for rebirth and to rediscover and invent for ourselves what love truly is – is it a fantasy? Is it real? Made up? Divine? We choose.

…and lastly

Awake” EP  (TBD) – blasts our heart and soul open to the awareness of our Oneness and the LOVE that we posses and embody at the core level – totally whole and complete within ourselves with the infinite capacity to love others from this space. 🙂

It’s been almost a year since the first EP was released.  We had hoped to generate enough funds with the crowd-sourcing campaign to record all four EPs, but we only had enough for one.  So, I’ve been touring and generating income on my own in order to keep the journey flowing.  Now, I’m prepared to release the second EP in the series.

With a recent heartbreak of my own, it seems fitting to pour my heart and soul into creating the next EP in The Fours Project series, “Broken”.  Many of you have already begun this journey with me and listen to “Passion” regularly.  I hope you will continue with me as we dive into the shadow and feel the emotions around loss and heartache.

Thank you for staying connected with me and helping me share my music.

Stay tuned…

Keep your vibrations high…
And know that I’m sending you love through the sound waves…


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Krista Richards & Kiyoshi EP Release Party Friday May 9th!!

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Come celebrate with us at the World Beat Center

as we release our new musical projects

“The Affirmation EP”  – by Kiyoshi


“Passion” EP  – by Krista Richards

Friday May 9th from 8pm to Midnight


We want everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of this AMAZING night so…

~ General Admission is only $11

~ $25 gets you admission plus both EPs (signed)

~ $35 gets you admission, both EPs (signed), and one art print

~ $44 gets you admission, both EPs (signed), and both art prints


These EPs are truly a labor of LOVE.

Our hope is that you are inspired by them and they bring you joy and fill your heart with LOVE.

We chose to do a dual release party because we co-create so much music together, and enjoy collaborating.  We are both featured on each other’s songs.  We perform live together often and have an absolute BLAST on stage together.  So, it just made way more sense to do this TOGETHER!  It’s all about UNITY!

So, let’s gather as a commUNITY to sing, dance, connect, and celebrate the birth of high vibration music & art!!

~ There will be delicious plant powered food and drinks for sale.

~ LIVE performances by Krista & Kiyoshi!!

~ Accompaniment by: Dave The Organism (Piano/Percussion), Christine Cyr (Cello), and Domonic Estes (Guitar)

~ Art by Jesse NoeMind

~ Additional musical entertainment by: Cypher Wynters and Ryan Brolliar

~ LIVE DJs Matt Cole and Boolean

~ CDs, Art, T-shirts for sale

~ Lots of beautiful people for you to connect with and share magical moments with.

Join the FaceBook event by clicking on the icon:


Thank you for supporting us in our creative expression.

We LOVE you!  <3

Krista & Kiyoshi

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Pre-Order My EP “Passion”

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“A Dream is a wish your heart makes…” Walt Disney


I’ve always had this dream…

Since I was a little girl.

To sing and share my heart through song.


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

I’ve been in a few bands, and had a blast performing and rocking out.  I’ve collaborated with several EDM producers on some tracks that I’m quite proud of.  I’m still in an out of collaborative projects within many genres and with many talented and amazing artists.  I truly love collaboration, I THRIVE in collaboration.  Up til now, all my releases have been collaborations.  This project I’m working on now, The Fours Project, is a series of four EPs that I’m releasing as a SOLO project.  That’s not to say that I’m doing it all on my own. On the contrary!  I’m still working with others and having the help of producers, engineers, and feature other artists on my songs.  I had a beautiful vision for this project; at times I’m confronted by it.  It’s taking longer than I anticipated.  It’s requiring lots of time, money, energy, and effort by me and many others.  Still, I’m comforted in knowing that it is happening.

May 9th the first of the four EPs “Passion” will be released, and with it, my heart…


Cover Art for “Passion” by Jesse Noemind

I can’t even put into words how excited I am to share this EP with you, and how excited I am for the other three EPs!!

Download “Passion” here:

iTunesDownload Passion

Join the FaceBook event here for the Release Party happening at the World Beat Center in San Diego:


Thank you for your love and support.  It is with the foundation of your belief in me, that I am able to do what I do and continue to share my music.  I am eternally grateful for your partnership on this amazing journey…

Stay tuned…

Keep your vibrations high…
And know that I’m sending you love through the sound waves…


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