S69 & Krista Richards “Can’t Quit” Out March 25th

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Forthcoming single from S69 & Krista Richards. Drops March 25, 2013 on iTunes, Beatport and Traxsource. StoneBridge & Krista Richards have been on tour promoting the track in San Francisco, Tokyo and Miami to ecstatic crowds!


StoneBridge and Krista Richards first established their musical connection with the release of the single AstroShift ft Krista Richards ‘Tonight’ on Stoney Boy Music. One of the most popular mixes was by the Dutch/Swedish duo S69. EDX featured their version on his mix album No Xcuses The Violet Addition on Armada and the single was a big club hit worldwide. Krista really appreciated S69’s musical talent and passion and they soon began talks of a collaboration and ‘Can’t Quit’ is the first of what may prove to be many in the months and years to come!

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Check out these stellar mixes by StoneBridge, Daniel Beasley, DaveTheOrganism, & Axel Hall!

S69 & Krista Richards - Can't Quit_cover_4000px copy

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Ivan Perea, The Henchmen & Krista Richards “Bring Love To Life” (NEW RELEASE on Loudbit Records)

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Ivan Perea, The Henchmen & Krista Richards “Bring Love To Life” – Released: December 17th on Loud Bit Records.

Buy your copy here, now on Beatport!

Remixes Tony Romera, Raul Mezcolanza, Gabi Newman, Gregory Cabyan, Zoltan Kontes, and F . e . m

This song is very dear to my heart as it was inspired by all my amazing friends who inspire me in every way!  Discover your favorite mixes and start spreading the word for this release just in time for the Holidays!  I’m filled with GRATITUDE for the opportunity to share this new song with all of you!

Listen to sneak peak here:


Bring Love To Life 2











Sending you LOVE through the sound waves….







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JAXX DA FISHWORKS & Krista Richards “Tomorrowland” OUT NOW on Hed Kandi!

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Today I present…. JAXX DA FISHWORKS & Krista Richards “Tomorrowland” on Hed Kandi!

I’m very excited about this song because it carries a message of inspiration for the world.  It was inspired by the 2011 tsunami in Japan and speaks to everyone, everywhere as we live during times where natural and unnatural disasters seem almost commonplace.

In the US we can still feel the heartache of the tragedies of 9/11, hurricanes Katrina & Irene, the recent Aurora shooting during The Dark Knight Rises, and many more.

In the song lyrics we say, “The turning point…Is drawing near…A call to love…Rings loud and clear…Listen closely, feel it in your soul…When we come together, we can be to-mor-row…”

In the midst of tragedy and destruction, humanity has a choice.  We can choose to be divided by race, color, culture, religion, and geography; or we can unite our hearts and minds as one human race.  We can choose to rebuild from the ashes something new, something better, a tomorrow we can be proud to pass onto our children, a tomorrow born from our grief and filled with hope, unity, and love.

Please support us, and this message by logging in and downloading your favorite mixes of “Tomorrowland” TODAY!

Available Mixes:

Original Mix
Deep Mix
MC Flipside Remix
Extended Radio Version

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD “Tomorrowland” on Beatport!

Thank you for your support, you really make a huge difference!

Stay tuned, and keep your vibrations HIGH!

Sending you love through the sound waves…



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Chris Kaeser, StoneBridge, and Krista Richards “Love Me” out on Hed Kandi July 16th

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I’m very excited to announce the official release date of my latest song “Love Me” with Chris Kaeser and StoneBridge.

“Love Me” will be released on Beatport with Hed Kandi on July 16th!!  We will soon be announcing some stellar remixes as well.

Listen here and leave your comments:

Download your favorite mixes here on Beatport as of July 16th!

Stay tuned, and keep your vibrations HIGH!

Sending you love through the sound waves…

Krista ♥

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Living My Dream

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It’s February in the year of 2012.  Less than a year ago I chose to give up the “day job” and set sail on the musical adventure I’d always dreamed of having.  I knew I needed to focus my energy on my deepest love, music, and build a future that reflects who I really am.  For the past eleven months I’ve been writing songs and working with some amazing producers from all over planet earth.  It almost feels like a dream, and in fact it is.  It’s MY dream!

I’m actually living my dream…

Over the months that follow I’ll be releasing these songs that I’ve been putting so much of my heart and soul into.  They are the beginning seeds of a life full of music and possibility.  They are songs of love, hope, and inspiration; from the depths of my soul. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share them with all of you.

I’ve been very busy writing and recording and getting the vocals off to the producers and record labels.  It’s exciting to listen to the magic that each producer creates with each song.  Every one of them has their own flavor and unique style. As busy as I am, I can tell that this is the calm before the storm.  It promises to be a beautiful storm; full of travel, performance, and adventure.  Just what I intended eleven months ago when I began this journey.

Up next on the calendar is Music Week in Miami during Winter Music Conference.  I’ll be getting into trouble (and singing of course) with some of my favorite DJ/Producers including StoneBridge, Chris Kaeser, and Diamond.

Krista singing with Stone Bridge at Juicy Beach last year in Miami

Over the next several months we’ll be filming for some music videos to accompany my upcoming releases.  So excited!

I am continually writing and recording as it all continues to progress.  Music is endless.

I’ll keep you all posted on release dates and live events as they get confirmed.  So, please stay connected with me on FaceBook and Twitter – I have some sneak peak previews of un-released tracks available and will keep you all up on the latest news at it happens.

Thank you for your love and support.  You give me wings…

Stay tuned and keep your vibrations high!!

Love, Light, and an abundance of Gratitude…

Krista <3

Photo By: Craig theKiwi Brayton KiwiTails.com Art By: Justin Herrmann jmovement.com

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