S69 & Krista Richards “Can’t Quit” Out March 25th

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Forthcoming single from S69 & Krista Richards. Drops March 25, 2013 on iTunes, Beatport and Traxsource. StoneBridge & Krista Richards have been on tour promoting the track in San Francisco, Tokyo and Miami to ecstatic crowds!


StoneBridge and Krista Richards first established their musical connection with the release of the single AstroShift ft Krista Richards ‘Tonight’ on Stoney Boy Music. One of the most popular mixes was by the Dutch/Swedish duo S69. EDX featured their version on his mix album No Xcuses The Violet Addition on Armada and the single was a big club hit worldwide. Krista really appreciated S69’s musical talent and passion and they soon began talks of a collaboration and ‘Can’t Quit’ is the first of what may prove to be many in the months and years to come!

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Check out these stellar mixes by StoneBridge, Daniel Beasley, DaveTheOrganism, & Axel Hall!

S69 & Krista Richards - Can't Quit_cover_4000px copy

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The Track “Tonight” Has Been Released!

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After much anticipation, the track “Tonight” by Astroshift was finally released last month. We have been working hard to keep the original mixes climbing the charts and now working to boost the second wave of mixes as high up the charts as we can as well! Please take a second to log onto Beatport and download these tracks. Below you can find links to the two different packages.

On June 3rd the original track “Tonight” by Astroshift was released on Beatport along with mixes by Stonebridge and S69. To download any of these mixes or the whole package CLICK HERE.

A few weeks later, on June 22nd, another package of mixes was released including those by Chris Kaeser, Matt Joko, and AD Tag Team. To download any of these mixes or the whole package CLICK HERE.

We have been climbing the charts with both packages. The mix by Stonebridge made it into the top 50 in no time!

Please got to Beatport.com and download the packages, or even just your favorite version of “Tonight”, anything helps!

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Today is the release of my latest track – “Tonight”

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Today June 3rd is the release date of my latest track – “Tonight” AstroShift featuring Krista Richards – StoneBridge mix!!

Please go to http://beatport.com/s/t8apLt to download the track.    There are also additional mixes by house music legend StoneBridge and S69 available.

Please SHARE this post in order to get this track Number #1 on Beatport.

Please read the following review on the upcoming release.   http://www.1mix.co.uk/reviews/551-astroshift-tonight

Love, Light and an abundance of Gratitude ~ Krista

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Astroshift feat Krista Richards [Stonebridge]

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StoneBridge was first introduced to the track in its original form in Berlin 2009, and again during WMC 2010, and it left an impression – so after a full year of mixing, remixing and working the track, it’s finally ready to be unleashed in time for summer 2011, with an anthemic remix from Swedish/Dutch masters S69 and the original mix.

Astroshift feat Krista Richards [Stonebridge]

  1. Original
  2. Stonebridge mix
  3. S69 mix

Dimitri Kechagias review:

When you get a Stonebridge record in your email box you have your hopes high for a really large ‘big room’ monster size house anthem. This brand new release is definitely one to watch out for and which will become an instant favorite of any real big room house lover. Exceptional erotic and sensual hypnotic vocals by Krista, who definitely sounds alluring and impossible not to fall for. StoneBridge adopts a tougher stompier bassline that will do the damage at any big open air festival. S69 is on the other side and do their magic, and provide a big room epic prog house anthem, with large synths and superb big room beats and basslines, which sound sharp and eclectic as you expect from Stonebridge releases. The original is a more straight forward ‘feel good’ house Trancer on the style that girls will love and will want to add as a ring tone on their mobile to ring out when their loved one calls them to ask them for a fantastic night out! Definitely for Tonight, and for every night!

Beatport date: June 3

More info on Krista Richards and AstroShift:

Stonebridge radio show is streamed every week with great success on 1mix radio, better be there!

Article by: Dimitri Kechagias originally appeared at: http://www.1mix.co.uk/reviews/551-astroshift-tonight

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