The Fours Project

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A year ago I embarked

on a journey of LOVE…

through MUSIC…

I set out to create a series

that would each touch

on a different aspect

of the human experience of LOVE

“Passion” is the first in a series of four EPs (“extended play” a set of songs greater than a single but less than a full length album).

I chose “Passion”, because it is such a compelling human emotion and is the source of so much expression… we begin this human experience with passion – our very existence is sourced from our parent’s passion for one another!  And… hopefully, it is the spark that begins our journey of LOVE.

My intention is to invite you to take this journey with me.  To really feel into each aspect of love represented in each song.  To search your heart and soul and uncover the mysteries and emotions that may be hidden there.  To heal, and restore that which requires it.  And ultimately to set yourself free, to love without hindrance, with a purity that only comes through the refiners fire.

Each release will have three original songs, one original spoken word piece, and one original song featuring my partner in rhyme Kiyoshi Shelton, who is a phenomenal conscious hip-hop artist – for a total of 5 tracks.  Each one will also feature a visionary artist for the cover art.

The Four Project EPs:

Passion” EP (released May 9th 2014 through the support of friends and fans through crowd-sourcing) – explores the human experience of love and desire. It celebrates those precious moments of joy, romance, and the powerful reflection of the other.  Passion features visionary art by Jesse NoeMind.  I had the support of some really talented people.  Musical contributions and features: DTO, Kiyoshi Shelton, Domonic Estes, Christine Cyr, Boolean, Steve Russell, Nathan Richards, and Grammy nominated Sten Hallstrom aka Stonebridge.  Production engineering and mastering: DTO, Makii, & Antonio Aguilera & Alan Guzman @ Studio 47.

Download “Passion” HERE

krista-cover-passion-final medium

Broken” EP (currently in production) – highlights our experience of loss in love and the shadow emotions that accompany heartache, along with the hope we ignite in it’s wake.

Dream” EP (TBD) – reveals our amazing ability for rebirth and to rediscover and invent for ourselves what love truly is – is it a fantasy? Is it real? Made up? Divine? We choose.

…and lastly

Awake” EP  (TBD) – blasts our heart and soul open to the awareness of our Oneness and the LOVE that we posses and embody at the core level – totally whole and complete within ourselves with the infinite capacity to love others from this space. 🙂

It’s been almost a year since the first EP was released.  We had hoped to generate enough funds with the crowd-sourcing campaign to record all four EPs, but we only had enough for one.  So, I’ve been touring and generating income on my own in order to keep the journey flowing.  Now, I’m prepared to release the second EP in the series.

With a recent heartbreak of my own, it seems fitting to pour my heart and soul into creating the next EP in The Fours Project series, “Broken”.  Many of you have already begun this journey with me and listen to “Passion” regularly.  I hope you will continue with me as we dive into the shadow and feel the emotions around loss and heartache.

Thank you for staying connected with me and helping me share my music.

Stay tuned…

Keep your vibrations high…
And know that I’m sending you love through the sound waves…


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4s Project – IndieGoGo – My first SOLO release!

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Hi! I’m Krista Richards.  I’m a vocalist and a songwriter.  Thank you for taking the time to consider partnering with me on the 4s Project.  Two and half years ago I quit my day job in finance to focus on music full time. Since then I’ve been collaborating with various producers and other artists, and I’ve released 6 singles. My mission is to share my heart and soul through music such that it inspires others to feel, express, and love deeply, and that everyone gets the infinite possibilities that are available for all.


Click here to SUPPORT: 4s-project

The 4s project will actually be my very first solo release… it’s a HUGE endeavor and I’m ridiculously excited!  There will be 4 EPs, one released every quarter, Each with 4 songs on it – they will all have a different theme: Passion, Broken, Dream, and Awake. One single from each, will have a music video, and a remix package with 4 mixes.  We’ll also be releasing an acoustic version of one of the songs.  We have an amazing visionary artist that will be creating powerful images within the theme of 4s.

Here’s a demo of one of the songs that will be on the first EP “Passion”:
“All the Love in the World”
[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

What We Need & What You Get

We need funds for…

Recording/Production for the music (16 originals, 4 acoustic songs, 4 remix packages – mixes): studio time, compensation for engineers, producers, and mastering.

Physical CD pressing/Packaging

Music video production (4 music videos): filming, set, crew, costuming, and editing.

Artwork (visual art for each EP, acoustic songs, remixes, and the full project): compensation for visionary artist, and physical printing.

Marketing and Promotion

Your contribution will still go towards all these things even if we don’t meet our goal.. and if we exceed our goal (which I’m really intending that we do), it just means we’ll be able to put more into making this project as EPIC as possible and also the additional funds will help us reach a much wider audience through marketing and promotion… and more peeps will feel the LOVE!

We’ve got some really fun perks and benefits available for all levels of partnership starting at only 4 dollars; from digital downloads, signed physical CDs, art prints, and T-shirts… to voice lessons, singing telegrams, a picnic with Krista, and private concerts!

The Impact

I infuse every note and every word of my songs with LOVE – and my hope is that it’s felt by the listener.  My intention is that the love be so overwhelming that after people hear my music they are overflowing with love and it spreads throughout the world.  Various messages of love, connection, empowerment, joy, transformation, and inspiration are represented in each song and through the music videos.  With your help we will keep these messages flowing far and wide – uplifting humanity with song, dance, and visual art.

4% of the money raised in this Campaign will go directly to the Andrew Dougherty Vision Foundation.

A charitable, non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in the United States and around the world, mainly in war-torn and disaster struck areas, by providing pro bono vision correction surgeries to those in need. The organization also provides local surgeons in those areas with training in the most up-to-date cataract and refractive surgery techniques so they may carry on the organization’s mission.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can only donate a small amount or nothing at all, you can still help us reach our goal:

SHARE this campaign on all your social media sites using the share tools (share often and add a personal message about why you believe in this project and me!)


Envision/Pray/Manifest – take some time to envision the success of this project, call it in and powerfully, hold the space for us to exceed our goal and get these songs/videos out there in the world and heard by the masses.


Thank you for your love and support.  I truly could not make this dream a reality without your help.  I am eternally grateful for your partnership on this amazing journey… The 4s Project for me is the beginning of my full expression through music, and it’s such a sweet experience to get to have a group of individuals working with me to bring it to life, rather than some big record label.  This just feels right… you plus me equals AWESOME SAUCE!  Let’s do this!

Support 4s Project

Stay tuned…
Keep your vibrations high…

Sending you love through the sound waves… <3


Super Woman BM 2013 AD Shot

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S69 & Krista Richards “Can’t Quit” Out March 25th

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Forthcoming single from S69 & Krista Richards. Drops March 25, 2013 on iTunes, Beatport and Traxsource. StoneBridge & Krista Richards have been on tour promoting the track in San Francisco, Tokyo and Miami to ecstatic crowds!


StoneBridge and Krista Richards first established their musical connection with the release of the single AstroShift ft Krista Richards ‘Tonight’ on Stoney Boy Music. One of the most popular mixes was by the Dutch/Swedish duo S69. EDX featured their version on his mix album No Xcuses The Violet Addition on Armada and the single was a big club hit worldwide. Krista really appreciated S69’s musical talent and passion and they soon began talks of a collaboration and ‘Can’t Quit’ is the first of what may prove to be many in the months and years to come!

beatport_iconiTunesDownload Love Me



Check out these stellar mixes by StoneBridge, Daniel Beasley, DaveTheOrganism, & Axel Hall!

S69 & Krista Richards - Can't Quit_cover_4000px copy

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San Francisco to Tokyo Tour With StoneBridge

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Overseas from the California coast (San Francisco) all the way to Tokyo, Japan.  Ten days on the road, and I’m still buzzing with the excitement of it all.


Truth be told, I’m still putting away clean laundry and getting settled back into my normal routine.  After such an epic adventure, it takes a minute to come back down to earth.

Let me attempt a brief recap… if you’re more inclined to just watch the video, scroll to the end of this blog.

In San Fran I sang with my dear friend, and House Music legend, StoneBridge at The Grand nightclub.  It was a packed house.

I have several friends in the area, and some who even drove up from San Diego for the show that night, so it was extra special for me.

Here are a few action shots from the night.

StoneBridge and Krista Richards at The Grand in San Francisco

StoneBridge and Krista Richards at The Grand in San Francisco

Krista singing at The Grand in San Francisco

Krista singing at The Grand in San Francisco

I had a couple days in the city before my flight to Tokyo, so we visited with friends, checked out the city, went to Amoeba Music, did yoga at the well known Urban Flow Yoga studio, ate at some ridiculously awesome vegetarian/vegan restaurants like Herbivore, Golden Era, Greens, The Plant and one not so vegan restaurant, The Trident, where our talented friend James Montejano is the Executive chef.  He spoiled us with a 6 course vegan chef’s tasting!  I also experienced sitting at the table that was once reserved for Janis Joplin.

San Francisco was awesome!


Sunset at Lands End in San Francisco

Sunset at Lands End in San Francisco

Sun dried tomato pesto and whipped avocodo

Sun dried tomato pesto and whipped avocado at The Trident with Chef James

Krista at Amoeba Music (Haight St)

Krista at Amoeba Music (Haight St)

Upon landing in Tokyo I was greeted with this sign:

Airport Greeting sign for Krista (made and held by Mark Carter of g-spot presents)

Airport Greeting sign for Krista (made and held by Mark Carter of g-spot presents)

By the infamous shenanigan instigator Mark Carter of g-spot presents.  We were fast friends…

Our first night in Tokyo (Friday night) we went to dinner at Gonpachi, the restuarant where they filmed that epic fight scene in Kill Bill.  It was fun, the company was amazing, and the food was delicious!

Mark Carter, Krista Richards, & StoneBridge at Gonpachi (ready for some action)

Mark Carter, Krista Richards, & StoneBridge at Gonpachi (ready for some action)

Saturday afternoon before the gig, we joined JAXXDAFISHWORKS on his Ministry of Sound radio show, and I sang live on air.

Krista and JAXX on air Ministry of Sound Radio

Krista and JAXX on air Ministry of Sound Radio

StoneBridge, Krista, and JAXX (on air - Ministry of Sound Radio)

StoneBridge, Krista, and JAXX (on air – Ministry of Sound Radio)

Then I got my hair done at Toni & Guy, there were three people working on my hair at once!  Check it!

Krista getting hair done in Tokyo

Krista getting hair done in Tokyo

MC & Krista at Toni & Guy

MC & Krista at Toni & Guy

Sound Museum Vision had one of the best sound systems I’ve sang through.  I was really impressed with the kindness & professionalism of the people, and the venue itself was amazing.  Big thanks to Hed Kandi for putting on the event, the club owner, my partner in music StoneBridge, Mark Carter of g-spot presents for the footage & the fun, and JAXXDAFISHWORKS for making it all happen.

Krista and StoneBridge LIVE at Sound Museum Vision in Tokyo

Krista and StoneBridge LIVE at Sound Museum Vision in Tokyo

Krista & MC Clark Kent Style back stage before the gig

Krista & MC Clark Kent Style back stage before the gig (costuming courtesy of Dean & Lotty Huston)

We also got in a bit of site seeing the day before we left, here’s a picture of me and Stoney at the top of the Tokyo Tower.  What a view!

Krista and StoneBridge at the Tokyo Tower

Krista and StoneBridge at the Tokyo Tower

Watch this video by g-spot presents to get a fast forward view of this epic weekend!


I LOVE Japan!  I’m looking forward to more gigs there in the future!



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Hed Kandi feat. StoneBridge with Krista Richards LIVE at Sound Museum Vision (Tokyo)

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Hed Kandi feat. StoneBridge with Krista Richards Saturday January 26th, 2013 LIVE at Sound Museum Vision (Tokyo)





It’s official… I get the pleasure of performing with the legendary StoneBridge in Tokyo with Hed Kandi at Sound Museum Vision! January 26th, 2013. Excited to perform “Tomorrowland” in Japan and meet the co-creator JAXX DA FISHWORKS!  🙂

Click to download "Tomorrowland"

Click to download “Tomorrowland”


1.26.13 Hed Kandi Vision Artwork

Keep your vibrations HIGH… sending you LOVE through the sound waves!



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