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Krista has been singing, song writing, recording, and performing as a professional singer for over 15 years.  She has spent countless hours honing and refining her skills and abilities in all aspect of singing and music creation.




In 2007 she began teaching these skills and techniques to a small roster of students, and has continued to develop her private lesson practice ever since.  Krista has also created three fun, highly accessible workshops:

1. Shower Singing 101 – Foundations of singing for beginners and intermediate.  A fun and playful workshop designed to be accessible to anyone at any level.

2. Singing with Soul – Get deep into the inner workings of what it means to be a vocalist and convey stories and emotion through song.  Practice with partners and tap into the magic of singing.

3. Song Writing with Ease – Songwriting isn’t as hard as you may think.  There are very practical ways to approach songwriting so that it can be fun and easy for all!

Krista’s approach to vocal coaching is unique as she encourages her students to bring their own musical choices to their lessons which makes learning fun and exciting. She emphasizes the breath, control, tone, power, pitch (ear training),emotion, and touches on basic music theory.  Since Krista is a prolific songwriter, she also coaches her students, that desire it, on how to create a song.

Krista students range in age, gender, and musical background.  She has beginner students that have never attempted singing before.  She coaches professional musicians/songwriters looking for support in their careers and help with song writing or to get their voices in shape for recording projects or tours. Krista has had brides and grooms take a handful of lessons in order to sing a special song at their wedding. She has coached young adults who were preparing to audition for American Idol, The X-Factor, or a school musical. Many yogis and yoginis have sought coaching from Krista in order to enhance their Kirtan experience.

There are so many reasons to sing, even if you don’t have any specific place you would perform or present your singing to a group or to the public, singing is healing and generally good for our health!  Singing reduces stress, improves immune system function, improves mood, and is a natural pain reliever!

In fact, singing is SO healing that Krista has integrated her training as a Reiki Master and offers Song Therapy/Healing. If you’re dealing with any emotional, physical, or energetic blockages, she can tailor your sessions towards addressing just that, and facilitate a space for you to heal yourself through song.

“I am so grateful for Krista in my life! Not only am I inspired by the way she lives her passion, speaks her truth, and shares her gifts, but I have also had the opportunity to learn from her as my voice teacher. During our first lesson she showed me how to access many different aspects to my vocal range that I never even knew existed. Then we rocked out to some amazing songs together and I got to experience right away the fruits of the practices that she shared. Instant results, and a whole lot of fun. This woman is one in a million.”  ~Maura Rassman

Maybe you’ve been saying you want to take voice lessons for awhile now and just haven’t made it happen.  Don’t let another moment go by, follow your heart and make your dreams a reality!

Contact Krista today to schedule your first session!  Ask me about my first time student discount: first lesson is 25% off and 20% off whatever lesson package you enroll in.

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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

– Albert Einstein

“Krista’s artistry is evident in her approach to teaching and she truly finds joy in helping to awaken creative expression in her voice students.”

I look forward to SINGING with you and supporting you on YOUR musical journey!




Thank you! 🙂